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chambermaid n : a maid who is employed to clean and care for bedrooms (now primarily in hotels) [syn: fille de chambre]

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Combination of chamber+maid.


  • /ˈtʃeɪm·bə·meɪd/, (AmE) /ˈtʃeɪm·bər·meɪd/


  1. A maid who handles the chores in a bedroom.


a maid who handles the chores in a bedroom

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Maid is also a shortened form of "maiden", an archaic word for an unmarried woman or a virgin.
MAID is also a acronym of Massive array of idle disks
Maid is also a Bosniac Name
A maidservant or in current usage maid is a female employed in domestic service. Once part of an elaborate hierarchy in great houses, today the maid may be the only domestic worker that upper and even middle-income households can afford. In the Western world, comparatively few households can afford live-in domestic help, usually compromising on periodic cleaners. In less developed nations, very large differences in the income of urban and rural households and between different socio-economic classes, fewer educated women and limited opportunities for working women ensures a labour source for domestic work.
Maids perform typical domestic chores such as cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, walking the family dog, and taking care of children. In many places in some poor countries, maids often take on the role of a nurse in taking care of the elderly and people with disabilities. Many maids are required by their employers to wear a uniform.

Types of maid

In hierarchical order, the types of maids in a large household are:
  • Head House Parlour-maid (or Head Housemaid, Head Parlour-maid)
  • House Parlour-maids (or simply housemaid) (Under House Parlour-maid, if there is only one)
  • Chambermaids (also known as housemaids); a chambermaid is a maid who cleans and cares for bedrooms
  • Nursery maids
  • Kitchen maids, also Between maid (Hall girl in the US)
  • Scullery maids also known as the Cinder maid
  • Lady's maid - Outside of the normal hierarchy, the lady's maid was a senior servant who reported directly to the lady of the house, rather than to the housekeeper or butler.
The position of chambermaid is also a job commonly found in hotels. Their job is mainly to clean the rooms of guests.
In several developing countries, working as a maid is still one of the main possibilities a poor young girl may have to earn an income.
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abigail, amah, au pair girl, ayah, betweenmaid, biddy, chaperon, companion, cook, duenna, femme de chambre, fille de chambre, gentlewoman, girl, handmaid, handmaiden, hired girl, housemaid, kitchenmaid, lady-help, lady-in-waiting, live-in maid, live-out maid, maid, maidservant, nursemaid, parlormaid, scullery maid, servant girl, servitress, soubrette, tweeny, upstairs maid, waiting maid, wench
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